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HSPA Preparation

The New Jersey High School Proficiency Test examines the New Jersey Core Content Standards in Mathematics and Language Arts.  Passing the NJHSPA is required for graduation.  The State of New Jersey provides a web page specifically designed to give students practice on the HSPA in Mathematics.

NJ Department of Education Mathematics Assessment Tutorial
HSPA Mathematics Reference Sheet
Practice HSPA Exam 
Practice HSPA Scoring Guide (external link)

HSPA REVIEW CLASS PROBLEMS:  The following are review HSPA problems for Number Sense (Week 1 and 2), Data and Probability (Week 3) and Geometry (Week 4) of the HSPA practice sessions that are occurring during AEP.

Week 1:  Number and Operations

Week 1: Number and Operations:  Solutions

Week 2: Number and Operations

Week 2: Number and Operations:  Solutions

Week 3:  Data and Analysis

Week 3:  Data and Analysis:  Solutions

Week 4:  Geometry

Week 4: Geometry Solutions

Week 5: Geometry

Week 5:  Geometry Solutions

Week 6: Patterns, Functions and Algebra

Week 6: Solutions

Week 7: Patterns, Functions and Algebra

Week 7:  Solutions

More Practice:

Practice Number and Operations Cluster 




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