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Morristown High School
50 Early Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone: 973-292-2000
Fax: 973-539-5573

Webmaster Contact Email: gro.l1408750473oohcs1408750473hgihn1408750473wotsi1408750473rrom@1408750473retsa1408750473mbew1408750473

The School

Morristown High School is a comprehensive, four-year secondary school that serves an ethnically and socially diverse student
population of 1491 students. A microcosm of the new millennium, Morristown High School is rich in economic, racial, and cultural
diversity. Some families have been in the district for generations, while others have only recently immigrated to the United States.
Morristown High School offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, including 20 Advanced Placement Courses and 21
Honors level courses. Our students maximize opportunities to sample and explore emerging career fields in areas such as technology,
music, visual and performing arts, and the medical and science fields. Morristown High School provides an extensive program of
interscholastic sports, co-curricular activities, and performing arts.

The Mission

The core value and primary purpose of Morristown High School, with its large and diverse population, is to foster a community in
which learning is meaningful, challenging and lifelong, and where the expectations of growth, individual understanding, excellence
and creativity exist for all students and staff in a dynamic and academic environment. This mission will be achieved through a
research-based process of continuous and collaborative planning, implementation and evaluation.


Morristown High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the New Jersey
Department of Education.

School Climate


  • Ethnic Background: 59.8% White, 20.9% Hispanic, 14.5% African American, 4.7% Asian/Pacific Islanders and .1% Other
  • Represent more than 19 different native languages
  • 91.4% of the Class of 2010 attended two or four year colleges or universities after graduation
  • 12% of our 2010 college-bound seniors were the first generation in their family to attend college
  • Morristown High School students actively participate in school life on a broad academic and co-curricular level:
  • More than 31 co-curricular activities are offered in addition to 27 varsity athletic teams.
  • Students hold positions on key decision making teams that affect the school climate.
  • Students compete in academic contests in science, mathematics, world language, speech and debate.
  • High quality acting, vocal and instrumental music programs have enabled students to participate in All-State choirs, bands, orchestras and performing arts competitions.
  • 48 seniors participate in a highly selective Peer Group leadership program that supports incoming freshmen.
  • Students gain valuable broadcast experience through their work in our public radio station, WJSV-FM, and our in-house television studio.
  • Students write for the Daily Record (area newspaper), produce a yearbook, literary magazine and newspaper.
  • Visual Arts and Graphic Design students contribute designs to the high school environment and publications, and participate in community exhibitions.
  • Students are actively involved in community service.


The professional staff includes 137 educators with 66% having graduate degrees (4 Doctorates; 87 Masters). Many graduates
return as members of the professional staff; most notable among these currently is Principal Linda D. Murphy, Class of 1972, who,
like others, has spent her entire career at Morristown High School. These Morristown High School alumni, along with other staff
members, are committed to making the school even better for its students.

Outstanding Characteristics:

  • 250 diverse courses (including Honors and Advanced Placement)
  • The Science Academy: This is an initiative funded by Pfizer, Inc. The Science Academy is a school within a school that enables students to experience an in-depth study of continuous programming in math and science.
  • The Classics Academy, with its focus on humanities at the AP and honors level, is a cross-curricular experience integrating English, Latin, history and mathematics.
  • Morristown High School participates in the Middle College program where students can earn college credits in
  • AP Macroeconomics, Italian Language Honors, and Italian Literature and Culture Honors.
  • Morristown High School’s Senior Options and Independent Study programs offer students the opportunity to enroll in college classes or pursue higher learning in areas they wish to pursue for future careers.
  • Selected as one of Newsweek magazine’s 2010 nation’s best high schools.
  • Selected multiple times by New Jersey Monthly magazine as one of the Top 75 public high schools in New Jersey.
  • Recognized by New Jersey historian and author John T. Cunningham as the subject of Youth’s Bright Years: An American High School.
  • Staff, parents and students are actively involved in an initiative focused on an ongoing comprehensive and self reflective review of all policies, practices and procedures that impact teaching and learning.
  • An education foundation and several community groups compliment the active Parent Advisory Committee that supports Morristown High School initiatives.

Wiki Info:

Morristown High School (or MHS) is a four-year public high school serving students in grades 9 – 12 from three communities in Morris County, New Jersey, United States, as part of the Morris School District. The school serves students from Morristown and Morris Township, along with students from Morris Plains, who attend the district’s high school as part of a sending/receiving relationship.

Students feed into the high school from grades K-8 within the Morris School District from both Morristown, Morris Township, and various private schools. Students from Morris Plains in grades K-8 attend the Morris Plains Schools.

As of the 2006-07 school year, the school had an enrollment of 1,477 students and 117 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 12.6.

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