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The Transition to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy at Morristown High School

The MHS STEM Academy roll out occurred the Fall of 2013 with the incoming freshman class of 2017.  The Academy class was expanded from 24 to 48 students.  STEM Academy students participate in many of the same core enrichment activities as their Science Academy predecessors, including field trips, guest speakers, and a new STEM Academy Summer Program created in collaboration with MHS STEM teachers and Dr. Pinar Ackora, chemical engineering professor at Stevens Institute of Technology.  The STEM Academy offers a four year program of studies designed for students in the Morris School District who have demonstrated success in mathematics and science and have expressed an interest in pursuing a STEM career. The new research focus of the MHS STEM Academy has resulted in a mandatory freshman Research Science 1H course that targets science literacy, research skills, and exposing the students to the vast array of STEM careers while experiencing the inquiry and design processes.  Students also need to successfully participate in the guest speakers and field trips, complete a community service requirement, and complete a STEM Academy elective track, with several STEM electives in one of the following areas: Biomedicine, Engineering, Architecture, Sustainability, or Computer Science.

The Science Academy at Morristown High School (2002-2016)

The Science Academy at Morristown High School began with a Pfizer grant in 2002 and developed into a collaboration of the Morris School District, Pfizer Inc, the New Jersey State Department of Education, UMDNJ/Rutgers, the Morris Educational Foundation, and practitioners in the health, science, and medical fields in our community.  The Science Academy offers a four year program of studies designed for students in the Morris School District who have demonstrated success in mathematics and science and have expressed an interest in pursuing a STEM career.  Students will be exposed to and participate in enriched science activities throughout their four years in high school including but not limited to guest speakers, field trips, and a summer program.  The class of 2016 will be the last year of MHS Science Academy students with the expanded STEM Academy beginning with the class of 2017.

STEM Academy Admissions – Important!

Current applications for the MHS STEM Class of 2018 are being evaluated.  The personal interviews and entrance exam will take place at the respective middle schools over the course of the next two weeks leading up to the holiday break.  Final decisions on the 48 accepted students will be made after the holiday break.  Please read the following applicant letter which outlines the interview dates and times.

STEM Applicant Interview Letter

NOTE:  Current 8th grade students applying to the MHS STEM Academy do NOT have to be enrolled in Algebra as a prerequisite.

Guest Career Speakers and Mentoring

The Academy often hosts speakers who are scientists, doctors, engineers, or who work in a technical field that requires the application of mathematical or scientific concepts.  In addition, students have the opportunity to shadow mentor scientists.  These speakers help Academy students to understand what real scientists do in their workplace, and they often change perception of potential career pathways of scientists and engineers.

Science Research

The Academy offers a research class that allows students to learn the principles of research, and to engage in original research projects.  This rigorous course is offered to student in the general population of the high school in addition to Science Academy students. Students who complete research projects compete in a number of science fairs throughout the state.

The MHS STEM Academy Newsletter

You can read more about all of the exciting STEM activities going on in our MHS STEM Academy in our inaugural MHS STEM Newsletter – Fall 2013.

Want to learn more?

Please contact MHS STEM Academy Director Mr. Brian Young brian.young at msdk12 dot net or MHS Science and Technology Supervisor Mr. Christopher Duvall christopher.duvall at msdk12 dot net for more information about the MHS STEM Academy.



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